August 23, 2013

Things to do this weekend

Another great weekend about to start and it's a bank holiday one here in England too. We have a 90th birthday to celebrate and I am excited to meet extended family of my favourite Englishman. Before I head out, I'll leave you with some ideas to fill your weekend with (if you can make space).
Happy weekend!

a. GROW: Some fall veg by sowing them now. Parsnip is an easy treat and can be turned into this tasty dish by Sprouted Kitchen.
b. EXPLORE: Lost lanes with your bike. If you live in England this book will guide you well.
c. DISCOVER: Marble art, like the pictured collection at Chatsworth House. PS: Yes, thats the same room were Keira Knightley aka Elizabeth Bennet admired a statue of Mr Darcy in the 2005 adaption of Pride & Prejudice.
d. MAKE: A giant chalkboard. You probably know I am already thinking of giving my garden fence a chalkpaint makeover, but then I cam across this DIY by The Merrythought and decided my indoors could do with some chalkpaint too...

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