October 22, 2013

Radio silence

Dear friends,

So the English autumn had yet another surprise in store. While the days filled with golden sunlight lifted my motivations for this season, the sudden winds and rains washed away all my energy.

This autumn depression hit me so unexpectedly, I couldn’t help but stop and stare – I stared at the days rushing by with more and more tasks piling up undone. Admittedly I was trying to juggle more than usual and had to realise now: It doesn’t work.
So what do you do, when something doesn’t work? You fix it. As a good portion of super glue doesn’t seem to apply in this situation, I start fixing things by stepping back first. To get back my energy and get some time to examine my tasks ahead, this beautiful internet corner of mine will go into a short radio silence.

Soon though, I hope me and this little kingdom will be back and even better than before.
Thank you all for stopping by, for reading and all your lovely comments.
xx, Nadine


  1. Ich schicke dir mal eben ein Paket Energie auf diesem Wege und hoffe du bist bald wieder da.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Oh liebe Bianca, tausend Dank! Das Päckchen kommt gerade richtig. Mit ein bisschen Hilfe von David Allen (Getting Things Done) räume ich gerade meinen Kopf von allen Aufgaben frei und hoffe danach bald wieder auf der Matte zu stehen. Liebe Grüße nach Deutschland