April 28, 2014

My Simple Things // April

Life is fast these days. I am fast these days. In fact growing up I developed a real habit of rushing about. I walk fast, I think fast, I talk fast (sometimes even faster than I think). My To-Do-list is always cramped and over-crowded; my mind is always buzzing with new ideas and thoughts. Sometimes I feel exhausted by the many loose ends in my life and ideas that await execution.

All around me there are these big piles of rushed, dropped or half-finished projects. The sweet victory of an actually finished task or the little moment of enjoyable life often get swept under that mayhem quicker than they happened.

I have tried to change my pace and de-clutter the mess, but every time I just seemed to walk faster. I have come to terms with my pace and realised it isn’t really about the speed, is it? I can be a fast walker and sometimes drop projects, rush things and even forget things – and still accomplish a lot and have a life filled with wonderful moments. I just have to allow myself to notice them.

This new column to the blog is exactly about that: Noticing the little milestones along a rocky path, savouring the simple things that bring a smile into our hectic days, recognising the moments that filled our past with joy. In other words writing this column is my simple reminder to stop from now and then and look back at the path I have rushed along. To create a visible remembrance of what otherwise just gets buried under the pile of things I have going on in my head. Like...

... Playing card games with friends
... Watching the world go by on my morning bus
... Coming home in daylight
... Sweet notes from travelling friends
... Wedding invitations
... Learning how to knit

If I am not the only one feeling a bit rushed and swept away in day to day tasks, please come along and share your simple things in the comments. Let's cheer together for the little steps and small moments.

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