April 21, 2014

The Bread List

One of the things I miss most as an ex pat from Germany is our (be aware: stereotype!) bread. I am sure if you have friends from Germany or are German yourself and have lived in another country for a while you have heard that before. For me there is nothing better on a Sunday morning than a fresh, crispy bread roll, some butter and slices of salami and cheese. Even the famous Full English Breakfast can’t beat the “Sonntagsschrippe”!
Every now and then I spot an Artisan Bakery in England and bring home a sour dough or two to satisfy my cravings, but overall I feel stuck with wholemeal and white soft bread. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and in the traditions of the good old handmade set myself up for early mornings in flour dusted kitchens to recreate the missing.

Over the last few months I channelled all my cravings and moments of homesickness into a list of the best of the best of German baked goodies. I call it: The Bread List (can you tell what my newest TV series addiction is?):
  1. German Style Rye Bread
  2. Berliner Schrippe
  3. Weckmänner
  4. Mohnbrötchen
  5. Roggenvollkornbrot
  6. Stockbrot
  7. Kümmelbrötchen
  8. Laugenbrötchen
  9. Kürbiskernbrot
  10. Sauerteigbrot
  11. Sonnenblumenkernbrot
  12. Rosinenbrötchen

I’ll attempt to have baked all these 12 goodies at least once in the next following 12 weeks (not necessarily in the named order). Maybe this will end in 12 great baking disasters or maybe I’ll be ready to open up my very own German Artisan Bakery in three month, who knows.
Hopefully though, my fearless adventure proves itself useful for other German expats out there with a nice solid collection of recipes to help stop their cravings – German bread for the rescue. Oh, how I can’t wait for my Sundays with real “Brötchen”...

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