May 09, 2014

Building A Cold Frame

A few weeks ago my favourite Englishman and I had a little stroll through our allotment community. We were looking for inspiration for how to build our greenhouse as it seems a real allotmenteer can’t go without one. Our favourite idea by far was a greenhouse on the plot two away from us that was completely built out of old window frames screwed together. Neither of us is very DIY experienced when it comes to the real tools, but this house looked both great and do-able. We had already found some intact windows on our own allotment, so we decided immediately to start driving around town and visit the skips of window fitting companies.

Although we made good progress so far we are still far from having enough windows for a whole greenhouse. That had me a bit worried at the beginning of growing season as a lot of plants are recommend to be started in a greenhouse due to the cold weather in England.
So when my favourite Englishman came across the lucky find of four narrow windows with the same height the other day, he decided to surprise me with a home built cold frame.

Here is what he used:
2 windows 118cm x 36.5cm
2 windows 89cm x 36.5cm
2 windows 89cm x 60cm for the roof

He simply cut the frame on the long ends of the 89 x 36.5cm windows to be able to lay them flat against the other windows and screwed them in with 3 screws on each side. The windows are really sturdy so they keep each other in place. Then he placed to windows on the top which I can simply slide open or take off.

Pretty easy, isn’t it! So far my cucumbers and kale seedlings really seem to like it in there as well (and so do the weeds on the ground, haha). If you like that idea and you are now hunting for old windows; check out your local glass companies that fit windows and doors.

Happy window hunting!

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