May 14, 2014

Currently Behind The Hedges // May

Planting peas, lamb lettuce, mustard leafes, potatoes, runner beans and kale now straight into the ground.

Re-potting our cucumbers.

Nurturing the neglected Strawberries we found on the side.

Protecting our kale and radish seedlings from hungry birds.

Harvesting our first rhubarb.

Building a cloche.

Planning the epic DIY which is our tool shed/greenhouse.

Dreaming of little chicks running around in our allotment (we just got permission).

Watching our raspberry and gooseberry cuttings thrive.

Making fires every Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. Oh really, you will be getting chicks? Now I'm truly jealous. ;-) Free-roaming they add something very romantic or should I rather say idyllic to every garden (as a fire does, too). Love watching them!