May 21, 2014

Discover: Juicing - The Details

A week ago I shared my favourite Englishman and mine crazy experiment with juicing. This was the tale, now I thought I give you the juicy facts on what we learned, discovered and experienced.

A quick flashback on the how-to:
We settled on this 5-day detoxing plan by Joe Cross for our juicing experience. We did not do the recommended preparation week, although looking back I would suggest doing it. Simply said, the preparation week will give you a chance to step back from alcohol, meat, dairy products and bread and through that the transition to fruit and vegetables ONLY will probably be a lot easier. You are also encouraged to drink at least 2.5l a day. Again a good practice for all the liquid you will stuff in to your belly once on the juicing detox.

What we did prepare was the shopping for the whole week. The aforementioned plan gives you several recipe options during the juicing period. Based on this list we decided beforehand on all the juices we wanted to drink. We set out a meal plan for the week and made a shopping list of all the vegetables and fruits that were needed.

The night before we set up the juicer (we borrowed one from our parents). During the week we started every day with a glass or two of hot water. Almost all juices were made fresh apart from the two lunch juices my favourite Englishman took to work, which were prepared in the morning and then stored in drinking bottles.

What we discovered:
- It is important to drink enough during the day, at least 2.5l every day and juices do not count as drinks. Otherwise migraine and tiredness will make you want to quit.
- Strenuous exercise should be put on hold. I had to turn my morning runs into walks, as I was quite simply lacking the energy. However, walking and Yoga complimented my energy levels well.
- Beet root in your juice makes it taste like mud.
- Since the juices only contain the liquid of the fruit and vegetables, the body is in starving mood. Juicing shouldn’t be done for too long and is not a good diet to lose weight.
- If you get to exhausted, stop and start eating again! Bananas are a great and easy digestible energy source.

+ We generally had more energy than we initially anticipated which showed us the discrepancy between the amount of calories we often eat and the amount we actually need to function.
+ Fuelling our body with vitamin rich, nutritious juices and saving our digestive system from working on all the alcohol, meat, dairy and wheat products we usually eat had a great impact on the conditions of our skin and our overall feeling.
+ Sweet potatoes make great juice.
+ Juices for lunch make you less tired in the afternoon, since your digestive system isn't using all your energy.
+ Feeling empty and cleaned out makes you feel great.

What we learned from it:
+ Starting the day with a hot glass of water will warm up your digestive system and prepare it for the day.
+ Not only juices, but generally drinking at least 2l water a day benefits your skin and energy levels.
+ Emptying your system makes you conscious about what you put in after.
+ Meal portions can be much smaller.
+ Sneaking more vegetables (especially green vegetables) into our meals keeps you happy and focused on healthy food.

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