May 12, 2014

No. 2 // Berliner Schrippen

It is back! The „Sonntagsbrötchen“ is back in my life. I can‘t really put into words how I missed that tasty little bread roll with its crunchy, thin-crumbling crust and the lofty, juicy dough inside. Let’s just say, with my latest bread making adventure my Sunday mornings finally got bright and buttery and a life without a German bakery around the corner is bearable again.

It all came together after I found this recipe for traditional „Berliner Schrippen“ (a simple white bread roll with a crunchy crust from my home town), although my first attempt didn‘t really produce what I had hoped for. Looking back I would guess it was due to the dry yeast I used. The recipe recommends fresh yeast which is commonly available in supermarkets throughout Germany. This is unfortunately not the case in England, so I used dry yeast. However, after a little research on the internet for another baking adventure I found out that in-house bakery’s of big supermarkets can provide you with fresh yeast, if you ask nicely. My smile seemed convincing enough, and so last Saturday, when doing our weekly shop at Tesco, I was provided with a small bag of freshly cut yeast.
I could hardly wait to get home and put my treasure to good use. Here is what went into my bread rolls based on this recipe (the recipe is in German, but there is translation available):

459g strong white flour
8g sugar
8g salt
15g of the fresh yeast
305g water

Yes, I actually weight all ingredients and followed the recipe religiously – apart from the recommended resting temperature. Maybe even a bit too much, as the rolls came out of the oven quite brown after the required baking time. As for the resting temperature of 24°C I ended up placing the dough in the microwave (with the door open) to let it rest under the microwave light, which seemed to work quite well. After I had cut the dough into the required portions the microwave obviously didn’t offer enough room and so I just left the rolls on the table under a towel. In truth the dough didn’t seem to mind at all and behaved just like I hoped and for the brown crust – it didn’t affect the taste in the slightest, so I decided it shouldn’t bother me. I am just a happy pea with her freshly baked “Sonntagsbrötchen”.

This was Number 2 of my 12 baking adventures on The Bread List, for more recipes and adventures from my kitchen, check in next Monday.

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  1. Try it with goose lard ( Gaenseschmalz ) . Delicious