June 20, 2014

Map Adventures: Staithes

This is the story of three girls and the ultimate English seaside experience. It contains a teeny tiny village on the North Yorkshire Coast, which has everything you would imagine about a romantic English seaside villages: the local pub at the seafront with good beers, good food and super friendly locals, small cobbled streets so narrow no car could squeeze through and only one access road, the sound of screaming sea gulls over your head and the smell of fresh salty sea water in your nose. Staithes, as it is called, is that kind of place where you leave your phone unattended in a pub to recharge it without hesitation or worry (true story!) and where you keep your car unlocked and boot open while you make your way to the hidden cottages which might be a ten minute walk away.

The place is a gem and a few weekends ago two friends and I had the pleasure to stay in one of its most charming little cottages and explore the life by the sea. I admit at first we had greater plans of exploring, but since finding Staithes was a whole Map Adventure of its own (a story for another day) and the weather was rather poorly we simply enjoyed a Saturday wandering the tiny village and enjoying its slow pace. Our landlady had provided us with a huge conglomerate of helpful tips on local food and activities and a wide range on maps. One of them featured a little village walk highlighting Staithes history and loveliness. I wish the weather would have allowed for more pictures on all the beautiful little details we encountered. The boat shaped flower baskets on the house sides, the bright blue and red doors and window frames, the names of the cottages, the fishing equipment in every corner, the small boats rocking in the harbour water. Instead I will have to leave you with only a glimpse of the beauty we encountered, oh and a snapshot of me (almost ) stuck in the narrowest road in the United Kingdom.

A special thank you to my two lovelies Inga and Tine for hanging out with me and to Amanda for providing us with the most beautiful place to stay. We truly enjoyed it!

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