June 10, 2014

No. 13 // Banana Bread

Three overripe bananas and an afternoon tea break was all it took to add another item to The Bread List. Number thirteen or commonly known as the Banana Bread is probably the quickest and most delicious bread I have ever made. It was literally created and born in only one (well slightly extended) afternoon tea break. I had just come home from a morning digging in the allotment. Tired, aching and full of mud I sat down to have my usual afternoon cuppa, when my view fell on to these three overripe bananas, staring back at me out of the fruit bowl. “And what shall I do with you three now?” I thought, examining them and the pile of fresh, glowing yellow bananas that they were resting on. “The way you look you will never get eaten...”

First I thought “Smoothies”, that seemed too much of a safe choice. I was up for an adventure. So I had a quick skim through my three go-to-cook books and Peter Sidwell, the baking guru, had the answer for me: Banana bread.
And now that I know how to make it and even more important how good it is, there will be more, I promise you that. I might just start to buy too many bananas on purpose (3 overripe ones it all it takes) and stock up on these ingredients:

100g butter
175g caster sugar
2 large eggs, beaten
200g self-rising flour
½ tsp baking powder
75g Greek yoghurt
½ tsp nutmeg
5tp poppy seeds
handful pistachios

I altered the ingredients list a bit to Sidwells’ recipe, but the instructions were too easy not to follow. First I had to mix the butter and the sugar. I used a hand mixer to get it all nice and fluffy. Then I added the eggs and the baking powder and sifted the flour into the bowl. With a big wooden spoon I mixed it all together to get thick, smooth dough.

In a separate bowl I mashed up the bananas (with a potato masher) and mixed it with the Greek yoghurt, the nutmeg, poppy seeds and pistachios. Then I combined the two mixtures and stirred until smooth. After that I only had pour the dough into a baking tin (lined with baking parchment) and place it in the pre-heated oven (160degrees) for 50 minutes, until it was golden brown on top.

Done and yumm! I am telling you, get your cuppas ready this bread is easy as cake – and tastes just as good.

This was Number 13 of my (now) 13 baking adventures on The Bread List, for more recipes and adventures from my kitchen, check in next Monday.

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