July 14, 2014

No. 11 // Sonnenblumenkornbrot aka Sunflower Seed Bread

This bread had me realised I’m an addict: I am seriously addicted to picking sunflower seeds of baked goodies. I have made that bread twice now (yes, it is that easy!) and both times found myself nibbling big holes into the underside of the bread which was supposed to be covered in seeds. It was just like back in the days when I used to have sunflower seed bread rolls for breakfast and would spend a good 15 minutes on picking all the seeds of the outer side, before even cutting the bread roll open. Good times.
Anyway, since this bread is not only covered in seeds but also stuffed with them a few missing here and there make no difference to its yummy, crunchy, luscious taste and you know what, I almost came up with this recipe all by myself. Well, I used this recipe (in German!) as an orientation for the ingredients but then changed it all up.

Here is what I used:
500g wholemeal flour
1tsp salt
200g sun flower seeds
1 tsp dried yeast
450ml water

To begin with I mixed the yeast into the luke warm water and let it sit there while I weighed the flour. Then I mixed the flour with the salt and 100g of the sunflower seeds and poured the yeast-water-mixture into the middle. I let it rest for a few minutes (well ten minutes) to give the yeast a chance to activate. Meanwhile I greased the baking form with unsalted butter and sprinkled it all over with the remaining sunflower seeds.
After ten minutes I returned to the flour-water-yeast-mixture and mixed it all up until the dough came away from the bowl. I transferred the dough ball onto a lightly floured surface and kneaded it for a few minutes. The dough was quite wet, so I kept a bowl with luke warm water nearby to dunk my fingers in (a tip my best friend gave me ones and despite my hesitance at fighting fire with fire or in this case a wet dough with more water: It really works!).
Once the dough lost a bit of its stickiness and became fluffier I placed it in the prepared baking form and let it rest there for at least 45 minutes. Ideally you would want to leave it somewhere warm; since our house doesn’t really have that feature I simply had turned the oven on before (180degrees) and then turned it off again to place the baking form inside it with the door just a tiny bit open. Snug, but not boiling hot.
After 45 minutes (or the dough had doubled in size) I took it out of the oven to pre-heat that one back to 180 degrees. As soon as the oven was ready again I put the bread in and baked it for another 45 minutes. When scrumptious brown on top I took the bread out and turned it over to slide it out of the form. Now I had to wait just five minutes to let it cool before I could start nibbling away the golden toasted seeds.

If the bread survives the nibbling stage, try it with cream cheese and radish. Super yum. Happy Baking.
This was Number 11 of my 13 baking adventures on The Bread List, for more recipes and adventures from my kitchen, check in next Monday.

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