August 11, 2014

Holiday Landscape Gallery

Although I am a vivid photographer who often watches her adventures through the lens of her dslr, most of the memories I gather mainly collect dust on my hard drive instead of being displayed to the world (do I hear an outcry of sympathy here?).

I can’t even say exactly why there are no albums or photo collages in our house, but I knew instantly this was about to change when I spotted this gallery. I loved the nature feel the photos gave away and thought I could easily recreate that vibe with my many travel pictures (and those of my fav Englishman as he is always moaning that nothing in this house is about or from him).

I scanned threw thousands of pictures, looking mostly for landscapes photos and skylines. I managed to get a photo from almost every place we visited. To give all the pictures a cohesive look I ran them through picmonkey and edited them with one of their effects (dusk is what I believe I used). Then I got them printed in various sizes(Tesco online), framed (mainly IKEA NYTTJA, spray painted) and hung (check out this video for the how-to) within, well a couple of month, because I am a bit slow at decorating.

Last week I finally put up the last pieces and ever since I am marvelling at our new gallery. I love the feel it gives to the living room and all the stories it makes me remember. Now I am off to new adventures, extending the collection by taking more pictures – for my hard drive and maybe even for our holiday gallery wall.

PS: A tiny bit of me wishes our walls are as white as the ones that got me inspired, but I decided to embrace our yellow walls (we rent and can't change them at the moment). Doesn't have to be perfect to be good enough, ey.

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