August 18, 2014

Out and About

Dear internet,

Don’t be sad please, but I decided I will be out for a while. I know, I know, we have had good times together; I do know how much you make me laugh (and cry) and how you fuel me with new ideas and thoughts every day. Over the last years, you brought me so many great words from adorable people, showed me countless gorgeous pictures on instagram and made my belly hurt from laughter with all your funny videos and “wise words” you put out on youtube and facebook.
But, you see, it’s time to leave the safe harbour of your inspiration for a while. It all feels a bit same-same at the moment.

No offense, I know your wings spread wide, but I need to spread mine wider. With the last summer days rushing by, I need to get outside your web and explore more of the world. I need to travel and smell and touch and feel.

I need to try and fail and fall and get back on my feed again. I need to eat new food and ache from walking unknown land. I need to meet people, I need to listen to them with my ears not my eyes and tell my stories with my lips not my fingers.

I simply have to put myself out there, to be ready to throw myself back into you. ‘kay?!

I promise it won’t be long. 31 days to be exact. And big pinky promise: Whatever I will see and hear and experience, I will take plenty of notes and photos and I will tell you all about it when I am back.

But for now, I am out and about.
Have a lovely end of summer. See you soon.

xo, Nadine

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