November 03, 2014

A Sunday Hunting At The Car Boot Sale

The Sunday started in the best way possible: With a huge bacon and egg breakfast butty. I kid you not, these floppy looking bread rolls filled with strips of crispy bacon and fried egg are one of the greatest breakfast inventions ever. They also might leave you a bit thirsty, but did I mention the crispy bacon?
Needless to say, the moment my teeth sank into that holy goodness of a breakfast butty, I had forgotten about the 7am rise on this Sunday. But then again, getting up early is apparently what you do, if you want to find good stuff at a car boot sale. So it was worth it not just because of the butty.

We meant to come for ages. Basically every time we passed that battered little sign that seemed to point nowhere, stating “Tansely Car Boot Sale. Every Saturday and Sunday.” Now we finally made it and we weren’t alone (breakfast butties for everyone?!). When we turned into the open field that lied behind the sign, there were already hundreds of cars parked on the green, boots wide open and full of stuff.

I say stuff, because it seemed that most sellers had just recently emptied their grandparent’s cellars, which made for a pretty interesting collection of junk and treasures. Like that box of old records that had everything from Dolly Parton to “Best of Cowboy Film Songs”. For 40p I couldn’t convince myself not to buy one – to my favs Englishman’s horror it was Johnny Cash that made the cut. (Not sure why he was complaining, we don’t even have a record player so there is little chance that he has to listen to Johnny soon).

I was able to reconcile him though with an unusual whisky decanter courtesy of the South Yorkshire Police Department. In the past, we had spent months hunting for a decanter. Although thrifting and bargain hunting sounds appealing especially to our budget, we are not very experienced or in that matter any good at it. I have the feeling that you have to be very decisive to be a good thrifter or just full of ideas what to make out of the stuff that looks like nothing. I am neither and so – although basically every visitor that made it to our little house in the English hills was dragged into the Antiques Quarter – we stayed decanter-less for nearly two years. And there we were, standing in the middle of a field, we found the coolest (Thank you South Yorkshire Police Department) decanter ever – for the bargain price of £10. #nailedit

And the early rise kept paying off. Like with that awesome woven picnic hamper. My new favourite. For once I always wanted one of these old styled woven hampers, but mainly because I got the seller down from £10 to £8 – can’t deny the joy of bartering a good price!

While I then decided to go on a hunt for some whisky glasses that could possibly go with our new decanter, the Englishman was already creeping past the same wooden mini wheel barrel for the fifth time. He was as clueless as I was about the Jonny Cash record what to do with it, but that’s not the point, is it. “Buy it, if you want it”, I said. “Yeah, but what do we do with it the? [Pause] look how cool it looks though...” Needless to say, we are proud owners of a tiny wooden wheel barrow now and we probably just put plant pots in it.

After carrying all our treasures and new useless items to the car we couldn’t help but agree that that was one of the best Sunday mornings ever: the sun greetings us for our early start, plenty of saved bucks in our hand (we feel like real bargain hunters now) and well, hello (!), bacon butties for breakfast!

Thanks for letting me share my latest autumn adventure.

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