November 14, 2014

Collecting Seeds

I hope this story becomes a trilogy. I might call it “Truly home grown – A seeds journey” (I know, catchy title, isn’t it). It’s about the life cycle of a seed that is not from a package but was born in the very same garden it will grow up (hopefully).

I wanted to start writing this story ever since our radish started flowering in July. If it ever makes it to a major motion picture the brief summary on IMDB would read: The story of a small seed that grew up on a small town allotment, making its way to the top of the vegetable crop. Part one starts – obviously – with casting “erm” collecting the seeds.

First: Harvest.
On our return to the garden in September, when the flowers had started to dry out I got my garden scissors out and took loads of samples from our crops, e.g. our radish, mustard leaf salad and dill.

Second: Dry out.
I brought the cut flower heads and seed pods into the house and spread them all over our dining table to dry them out further (yes, we may or may not had to eat in front of the telly for two weeks).

Third: Collect.
Once completely dry, I started to peel the tiny seeds out of their pods or simply pick them from the stem (like with the dill) and I placed them in small brown paper envelopes. I purchased mine at Wilko’s for only a pound. Usually school children would take their dinner money in them, but they make excellent seed packets as well.

Fourth: Store.
Now I only had to label the envelopes and place them in a plastic container with a handful of rice and store it in the bottom of our fridge.

To be continued...

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