November 05, 2014

Happy Bonfire Night!

Remember, remember the fifth of November!

One of my favourite English traditions is by far the annual commemoration or thanksgiving to the failure of Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot. What's not to love about a celebration that consists mainly of Bonfires, roasting marshmallows and watching fire works painting the night sky in glorious colours. Exactly!

The perks of being an allotment owner, I guess, is being able to take the celebratory activities to your own garden. The allotment handbook calls it disposal of natural waste that can't be recycled in other ways. We call it a great opportunity to make a bonfire. Marshmallows optional.

As the fire barrel basically never was off since the Englishman got his first set of flint and steel, I didn't have to ask him twice if he would do the honour of building a bonfire. A whole Sunday he stacked wood and weeds. Today it's finally time to light it.

Happy Bonfire Night (and stay safe wherever you are)!

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