November 21, 2014

My first... knit

The Englishman doesn’t know but I have big crafty plans for our life: One day I will sew our quilts and cushions, decorate our house with handmade awesomeness and our children will wear the BEST carnivals costumes ever and most important of all will run around in home-crocheted hats and scarves and will look terrible cute in their hand-knitted Christmas jumpers.

There is just one tiny problem: I actually don’t know how to do any of these things. Although I bought some wool once and inherited my grandma’s knitting needles and have a mum who resembles very much the craft goddess I aspire to become: I never really learned how to knit. That’s not to say I never knitted. I did. A couple of years ago I knitted (with the help of my awesome crafty mum) a hat for my Englishman. However the skill lasted only one Christmas season.

It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy it, but that huge gap between my abilities then and the demands of the project. Really my mum did most of the knitting. You see, secretly I already dreamed of knitting patterned hats and scarves and sweaters, because I didn’t just want to knit something that I knew I wouldn’t like or need. I wanted to knit things that were useful and cute looking.

I probably would have stayed in that limbo forever, but then last May (yes I thought about knitting even in the summer!) I found this picture online and immediately knew: that’s it! My first knit. It seemed easy enough, cute and totally useful. So after some hours on you tube researching again how to do a slipknot, cast on, do the knit stitch AND the purl stitch and how to cast off again, may I present you: my very first headscarf! (Full tutorial here)

I am absolutely totally thrilled with it. It took me only a week to finish the project and I love wearing it. I love it so much that I started to make some for other people. I am now well into my fifth one and even started some other projects (aka big snugly chunky wool cushion covers).

If you want to learn how to knit, here is my advice: Start with a headscarf. They are cute, easy enough to make and teach you all you need.

Happy knitting folks, I am off to finish another headscarf.

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