November 26, 2014

Parcel Adventcalendar

The Englishman doesn’t know, but this year I almost gave up on his handmade advent calendar (one of these German traditions I foolishly introduced into the household). I had this crazy idea of creating 24 little parcels – like actual parcels with little Airmail sings and everything. However, well into my third Christmas movie (Love, Actually!) and still folding, stamping and labelling like a maniac I lost my mojo. It took me a full hour hot-chocolate-and-cookie-brake to get back on track, but eventually they were all wrapped and ready.

Now, I am not fooling you into believing this is the easiest advent calendar to be made. However it is certainly very cute (in my humble opinion) and worth the whole folding-stamping-gluing-wrapping-shebang AND there are still a few days left until the 1st of December. So plenty of time!
Apart from it being time consuming it is not even difficult.

For the boxes I cut out 48 squares, 24 of them slightly smaller than the others so that the lid would fit effortlessly onto the bottom, and folded them with the Origami technique.

For the decoration I had a cute little stamp saying “Air Mail with Love” that I stamped with white ink on dark blue card stock and cut out with an x-acto knife and glued them onto the left hand corner. For the stamp and the little waves that you get from posted mail, I had some more stamps in my repertoire which I inked with black. Instead of the address I just put the number of the parcel down (you know, 1 to 24 – and yes we Germans count only until Christmas Eve). For the finishing touch I wrapped some twine around the parcel. Done!

Now for the filling the Englishman requested some chocolate treats, but really this calendar could hold so much more...

28 days till Christmas, friends. Happy times are coming!
xo, Nadine

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