November 10, 2014

The Sprouting Tower - A winter growing adventure

A few weekends ago we had our annual clock change. Apart from having the pleasure of sleeping in another hour this marks the inevitable end to summer. From now on the days get shorter and the nights colder and our allotment will turn from leafy green to muddy brown.
This also means an end to our influx of fresh produced vegetables into our kitchen. However, I am ok with that since my best friend gifted me this sprouting tower (similar) for my birthday this summer.

Straight from my kitchen window sill it provides me with crunchy greenery for my salads and sandwiches on a weekly basis. I just love to throw the juicy sprouts on my meals. Apart from my daily dinners (that’s English for lunch) they have found their way into nearly everything I eat, from pasta to egg fried rice and even oven bakes. I just can’t get enough of them.
Although I must admit that the produce was faster in the summer months hence the more intense sun; it still works perfectly fine at the beginning of November and I hope to use it throughout the winter.

It is super easy to use too. I simply toss the seeds in I want and make sure that I water the tower at least three times a day; cleaning out the old water before. The water trickles down slowly from the first tray to the last, so all I have to do is take the bottom one and toss the water away. With some seeds the little water triggers that let the water into the next tray need a bit of tweaking, to avoid a water log, but so far that wasn’t a big issue. I also rotate the seed trays, although I am not sure if that is necessary. Usually after the third day of sowing I start to have the first edible sprouts and after a week the tower is ready to harvest.

To restart the process I wash the trays thoroughly with soapy water and then rinse it with a water-vinegar-mixture (half and half) before they are ready for the next round of sprouts. And you know what, watching the seeds sprout is still as exciting when it happens on the window sill as it is in the greenhouse. So while the allotment is winding down for winter now, and I am starting to stand knuckle deep in mud whenever I attend to it, my kitchen garden is still making my little gardeners heart leap every week. Yeah for fresh, home grown greenery! Yeah for sprouts!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Although I would highly recommend you get a sprouting tower if you like growing your own, no one is paying me to say that. My sprouting tower is from Mr Fothergill’s if you are curious to know. However it was a gift and is only available in Australia. I have researched a bit and found a similar sprouter on Amazon if you are keen on getting your own. To make this disclaimer complete: I have used affiliate links in this post. If you purchase through the link provided I will get a small commission.

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