January 26, 2015

Letter To Winter

Dear Winter

The festive season might be well over, the last of the Christmas chocolate devoured and the glittery decorations securely packed away again, but we still have well over 50 days together. I like having you around, you know, especially when you grace us with thick fluffy flakes of snow like the other day. Although you shouldn’t make it such a rare treat around these longitudes (or decide last minute to let it all melt on the ground and create a big grey muddy, flooding mess).

It looks beautiful when you cover everything in icy white, but I wish you and my feet would get along a bit better, you know. Whenever you’re around, they are like ice blocks. Last week I basically wobbled home after waiting 30min for my bus.
At least the sun is staying out a bit longer to play now so plenty of opportunities to catch up and make the most of our time together. What do you say, are you ready for some last adventures before spring takes over again?

I was thinking of going for a long icy walk together...getting lost in the seed catalogue and planning the garden...collecting pebbles on an empty beach...decorating the house in candles, cushions and cosy things...
and making a bird feeder

You're in?


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