January 19, 2015

One Word

I might be a little late to the show, but Happy New Year dearests! And how are the New Year resolutions going? (Or shall I not ask?)

With nineteen days in I am going strong so far. Thanks to my last minute decision to jump on the One-Little-Word-wagon. I had heard about OLW (that’s how the pros call it – not to be confused with OWL = the Ordinary Wizarding Levels) before, and in the run up to 2015 the posts from people sharing their new words or reflecting on old ones just kept popping up. However, it wasn’t until Elise’s podcast with Ali Edwards that I finally got hooked

The two really got that concept down, and it was fantastic to listen to how they use OLW as a prompt for change in their life or a simple reminder to reflect, but that wasn’t really the thing that got me. The real inspiration was when Ali said “Make it yours!” and I thought I could do with a serious butt kicker!

So that’s what it is. My OLW for 2015 is my personal cheerleader, my very own drill instructor, the spur I need when I am about to lie down on the couch and forget about all the things that I wanted to achieve this year, the bolt reminder printed on a white sheet of paper, my one-word-motivational speech that shouts at me: GO!

Go get that washing hung up. Go put your running shoes on. Go take that picture while the light is still good. Go write that blog post you’ve been meaning to write for a week. Go finish that knitting project that you started to work on. Go dust off that beer making kit from last Christmas. Go built that green house that you planned since last summer. Go.

Just GO!

And so I will: I will go and make things. I will go and do things. I will go forward and many times backwards, but then I’ll just go again – and I hopefully will keep going, because this one word will keep nagging me in the back of my mind: Go, just go.

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