February 11, 2015

Greenhouse Dreams

In 2015 the Englishman and I are going to build a greenhouse!

Not the steel-and-glass-kind – oh no. The one made of bricks and wooden frames and salvaged windows. Yes, basically the wonky diy version of any gardener’s romantic, shabby-chic dream greenhouse.

We have no idea how, and it will probably take us the longest time, but the greenhouse will be build. And it will be great. And worth every tear of sweat it will cost me to shuffle around the huge bags of sand and cement, hold the window frames and put the glass panels into place.

How I know that? Well, I don't. But this project has been in the making for almost a year now and only got as far as having half of the ingredients ready and yet, the Englishman and I tackle every bit with unbroken enthusiasm.

Last weekend we bought the sand and cement to start laying the wall. It might have taken us over a year to get to this point, but with the sand and cement we actually have all the basic ingredients ready: the building’s foundation left by our allotments previous owner, the foraged old windows, wooden beams and bricks that we collected over the last 9 month; even the hammer and nails are waiting to be of use. All we need now is the right kind of weather to start the brick-laying. Apparently that’s +5 degrees. So while we sit out the frosty nights, I decided to start a pinterest board on my greenhouse dreams to gather and collect inspiration for our building adventure. Come on over and have a look or if you have some great ideas and inspiration yourself, please share!

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