March 02, 2015

A Beginner Knits: The Headband With Bow

Winters are for knitting, friends! If you haven’t picked up the needles yet (like ever!) now it’s the time. After getting over the hurdle of the first knit last November (and because practice makes perfect), I have yet to put down mine. 24 (!) projects are on my agenda this year. And my goals reach as far as a multi-coloured chevron blankets. Big dreams, I know. But I’m not there yet, because headbands are where it all starts. So I just had to make another one. All in white this time and with a bow, you know. This project was short and sweet, but plenty of practice time to master my purl stitch. Apparently the purl stitch is where it’s at, since there are altogether only really two stitches in knitting anyway: The knit stitch and the purl stitch. Being able to rock them both, seems to me like short off being a knitting-pro.

In all (total) honesty the headband that I present you today, is actually not my second knit. I did another version of this headband before, but the bow somehow (?!, I know) ended up covering almost my whole forehead in Minnie Mouse style. So I threw that one out and started all over again.
It is an easy-peasy beginner project that doesn’t require much time or many materials, yet gives lots of practice for the purl stitch.


Knitted headscarf with bow

1 x skein of wool, Aran, 50g or 75m like this
1 x pair of knitting needles, 5mm like these
1 x knitters needle like these

For the headband: Cast on 15 stitches (that’s around 8cm in headband width) and then stitch in knit stitch for 86 rows or until the headband fits comfortably around the head. Cast off (also called bind off (BO)). Sew the ends together with the knitting needle and some of the yarn.

For the bow: Cast on 13 stitches (that’s around 7cm in width) and stitch in knit stitch for 44 rows or until the band is 20cm long. Cast off. Sew the ends together with the knitters’ needle and some leftover yarn.

Finish: Place the bow on top of the headband, so that the sewed lines meet. Sew them together with a few stitches. Wrap some yarn around both the bow and the headband to cover the sewed line and give the bow its shape. Tie the wrapped yarn together at the inside of the headband. Tuck the loose ends in. You are now ready to show off your new winter accessory. 


Happy knitting!

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