March 16, 2015

Currently Behind The Hedges // March 2015

The weather is finally getting a little warmer in Englands Midlands and things are getting real in the allotment. Brown may still reign the colour palette, but a few peeks of green are showing.

Here is our allotment ABC for March:

Building our greenhouse.
Collecting old milk bottles for last minute seed trays & Cleaning up old leaves from the strawberries.
Digging the compost and vegetable patches in preparation for sowing season.
Feeding the strawberries and herbs from last year.
Getting the slug and bird protection into place.
Indoor sowing seeds of tomatoes, cucumber, courgette, pumpkin, broccoli, squash & Brussels sprouts.
Mulching the fruit bushes and trees like raspberry and apple.
Nursing the first shy stems of garlic, tulips and ranuculus.
Outdoor sowing early crops of carrot, spinach, radish, salad, pak choi, peas & more ranunculus.
Planting early potatoes & pruning the fruit bushes.
Sweeping the garden paths.
Turning on the water and throwing out a lot of rubbish.
Warming up the seed beds with protective fleece and polythene.

What are you up to these days?

Happy gardening

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