March 04, 2015

Exploring The Golden Hour In The Woods

Technically it was more like 2 hours we spend in the woods, but who counts. We had planned to go on a long walk that weekend, but time ran out on us (damn you, grocery shopping), so it was a short walk in the woods instead. And because it is still winter and the sun doesn‘t like to play for long these days, it was just short of sunset when we finally put our boots on to go out and explore.

And what an exploration it turned out to be. Despite it hanging short over the edge of the horizon the sun filled every corner and crease with light. It was all golden and glowing. I had heard of it before: the golden hour, but I never really experienced it or well, never had my camera with me. And so I kept promising the Englishman (because he was frightened we wouldn‘t make it home before dark) that this would really be my last picture while pulling out my camera again and again – shooting around in manual mode and chasing the glow of the evening through the branches of the trees.


Shooting during Golden Hour

Camera: CANON EOS 550D
Lense: Standard CANON 18-55mm
Settings: Picture 1 (ISO 400, F5.6, 1/160), Picture 2 (left: ISO 400, F6.3, 1/125; right: ISO 400, F9, 1/200), Picture 3 (ISO 400, F9, 1/200), Picture 4 (ISO 400, F4.5, 1/320), Picture 5 (ISO 400, F5, 1/80)
Picture 6 (left: ISO 400, F5, 1/100; right: ISO 400, F6.3, 1/125)
Time: Mid-January, around 4-6pm
Place: England.


Hooray for the golden hour!

PS: I am far from being a professional photographer and do not claim to know much about photography. I record and share these information because I like to play around with my DSLR in manual mode and in the hope to improve my skills picture by picture.

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