March 18, 2015

The Birthday Card Box

Birthday cards are the source of the greatest discrepancy in my life: I love them, as a sender and a receiver – yet I never seem to manage to send them off on time.

The story is always the same: Every now and then I spot an upcoming birthday in my calendar, but the date is either too far in the future or life is too busy to buy a card there and then. So I make a mental note to myself. Then the weeks rush by and suddenly it’s that day, that birthday, and I haven’t posted a single word. I probably spot my mistake at 7 in the morning or late at night when I check my diary for the next day (either way too early to call). So I make a mental note again (you spot a pattern?). Then the day rushes by and suddenly its 11pm and I am in bed and just before I doze off to sleep, I think to myself “ugh, the birthday…”.

As baffling as it might seem, the reason behind it is a simple truth: lack of organization.

At the end of last year, while filling in my new diary with all the important (birth)dates, I thought if only I had all the cards on hand whenever I needed them, wouldn’t it be far more likely that I actually send them?! And born was the idea of the birthday box.
The birthday card box contains of an eternal birthday calendar on which I noted down all the upcoming birthdays – concluding a total for the year. With this handy number I embarked on several afternoons of card making and shopping until I had a card for every person plus some spare ones. As storage for my birthday cards I chose a sturdy kraft paper colored box from Wilkos. In there I host my acquired collection and two sets of stamps both for international and national letters.

Three month into 2015 and I haven’t “forgotten” a single birthday yet!

I even tackled the last hurdle which is probably the biggest to be honest – getting the letter into the post box! There is a letter box on my way to work. Since getting to work is a carefully timed operation involving specific walkways and bus times I set myself a timer which goes off the moment I pass the letter box (mental note: remember to set the timer when a letter needs posting).

Friends expect birthday cards this year!

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