March 11, 2015

Visiting The Seaside

Last weekend the Englishman took me to the seaside. I had a longing for some wintery, fresh sea breeze for a while now. So upon all my begging and with all other plans cancelled, he suggested on Saturday we should just grab our jackets and go. We drove two hours up north to the East side of England. It’s quite remarkable, but in England you are never more than a couple of hours away from the sea. Apart from the sea breeze not being very salty (What’s going on there?!), this trip had all I could ask for. Sand, the sound of waves, strong British winter winds, hot donuts, beer, ice cream and multiple rounds on the two-p-machines.

Our first stop was Filey, a small town in North Yorkshire. We parked right at the beach front and marched straight onto the promenade. Unfortunately we arrive at high tide, so our beach walk had to be postponed, but we spotted a small patch of dry sand left at the far end. Big enough to collect some pebbles and work on my skimming skills. Oh my, do they need improving. Most of my stones basically hit the water with a big plop(!) sound and sank with further ado; some less than two meters away from me.
On the beach we found a steep, narrow path that led us straight to the cliff tops that surround Filey. While the winter winds are certainly strong up there, we were more blown away by the incredible view. Turns out, Filey is all cozied up in the middle of a huge bay and on the other side stretches the rough English North sea shore all the way to Scarborough.

Once our ears and eyes could take no more, we decided to decent and make our way to Scarborough. The popular holiday resort is crammed full with shops, sweet stalls and amusement centres. We had our fill of ice cream, beer and gambling our two p’s away until it was time for tea (that’s dinner for us). Although I loved the busy feel of the town, I craved something less touristy. So we headed out of town to a small Inn that rumour had it, served the best food around. And OMG rumour was so right. The xxx Inn is the cutest country pub there is, with lovely hosts and a great locally sourced menu. We chose lamb and pork belly from their special menu, tried some Yorkshire lager (lecker!) and even managed to squeeze some pudding in (chocolate brownie for the Englishman, treacle sponge for me). It was magical. And the best ending to the best mini-holiday-day ever!


Scarbourough favourites:

The Golden Ball: Best beers (try Teddy Lager!) and best harbour view

The Harbour Bar: Best ice cream in town. You can get one in a half-meter-cone! Do I need to say more? Ok, try the dark chocholate coated one. Yumm.

Bryherstone Country Inn: Technically not in Scarborough, but the food and lovely hosts are worth any detour

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