April 17, 2015

A Beginner Knits: The Ombre Mega Scarf

Alright, alright, I might not get much wear out of this scarf anymore over the coming months, but it was worth finishing the project anyway. Not only for getting the Englishman to take the above pictures (he seriuosly cracks me up), but given that the inspirational bigger sister of this mega “ombre” scarf sat around my shoulders basically every single day since October. A few years back my sister made me a super-big scarf for Christmas and I just fell in love with it. It is part scarf, part poncho, part blanket and it was about time I added a second one (for hygienic reasons as I am not kidding when I say I wore that scarf every single day since October!).

This project is an all knitter again (meaning all knit stitch), so super easy. However a few challenges where thrown in to stretch my skill set: First, I switched from 5mm needles to the big 10mm. Second, I knitted with two strands instead of one and third, given the size of the scarf I had to switch skeins (and colours). Also, I wanted to attempt an ombre look. I couldn’t really find a pattern for this, so I went with what I thought might work.

If I would to do it again I probably switch the white for another, even lighter grey as I think that might enhance the ombre effect. The colour palette that I went with this time is: dark grey, dark grey-light grey, light grey, light grey-white, white. Going with two strands meant I could slowly introduce the next shade and it worked well with the two greys but not exactly as anticipated with the white. However, even though it didn’t exactly pan out, I think it still looks pretty good. It is wonderfully warm and comfy for sure!


The knitty-gritty details: Ombre Mega Scarf

5 x skein of dark grey wool, Aran, 50g or 70m like these
6 x skein of light grey wool, Aran, 50g or 70m like these
5 x skein of white wool, Aran, 50g or 70m like these
1 x pair of knitting needles, 10mm like these
1 x knitters needle like this

Cast on 50 stitches with two strands in dark grey and knit stitch for approx. 15 rows or until 15cm (more if needed to switch at the beginning of a row!) of the wool is left. *Make sure to switch at the beginning of a new row. Switch by lining your two new strands next to the old, leaving a tail of around 15cm for all four strands. Hold all four strands tightly together and continue the knit stitch only with the two new strands. Around 6 stitches into the row the new yarn should be secured enough to let go of the strand. Cut the strands down to around 7cm and tie a bow with the two pair of strands for added security. Continue knitting as normal.

Knit another 15 rows and repeat the switch*. Continue knitting until all the skeins are gone.

Once you reached 30 rows with the white colour (or whichever colour you finish with) cast off (also called bind off (BO)). Secure the end by sewing it through the last loop and tie a knot around it. As the finishing touch, weave in all the loose ends where the wool was switched. For this tie a knot with the two pair of strands and then weave the ends in the scarf in opposite directions. Wrap yourself into your new mega scarf and snuggle up on your sofa with a tea and a good book.


Happy knitting!


  1. Nadine, der sieht super aus! Wow!!

    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin, Christine

  2. Oh Christine, vielen lieben Dank! Er trägt sich auch wunderbar.

    Herzliche Grüße nach Berlin, Nadie