April 03, 2015

A Beginner Sews: Spring Bunting

After living on the island for nearly 2 years now, I decided buntings are the most British of all things (besides afternoon tea, biscuits and Harry Potter of course). There seems to be no decent celebration, not even a royal one, without some bunting. Apparently, it’s just not a party without some colourful strings of triangles hung across the rooms and streets (preferably in the colours of the Union Jack). About time, therefore, that I followed suit – springtime celebrations had to be acknowledged with a row of fabric pieces this year. So I brought out the sewing machine and confession time, could have bit myself in the butt for not attempting it earlier. Buntings are so much fun! No, really. I enjoyed sewing the triangles so much I started to dream about my own little bunting production company – lining the cobbled streets of Britain with strings of white, red and blue triangles.


Spring Bunting (2m, 14 triangles)

1 piece of fabric around 1mx1m (or scrap fabric pieces)
Sewing machine (with bobbins and thread)
Fabric scissors
Triangle template
Binding (2m long, 13mm wide)

1. Cut out the template for the triangle. Any piece of paper is fine; the triangle should measure 15cm on the two long sides and 14cm on the top.
2. To save cutting time, fold the fabric over a couple of times before pinning the template in place.
3. Cut around the template, as close as possible.
4. Repeat the pinning and cutting until you have 28 triangular fabric pieces.
5. Assemble 14 triangles by placing two fabric pieces right side in on top of each other and pin in place respectively.
6. Sew along the long sides of the triangles, around ½ cm from the edge. Leave the top open. Repeat for all 14 triangles.
7. Cut the tips of the triangles.
8. Turn the triangles right side out.
9. Before sewing them together, line the triangles along the binding to check the order in which you want them (not necessary if all triangles are same colour!).
10. Tuck the triangles corner to corner into the binding fold and pin in place.
11. Sew the binding close, as close to the edge of the triangles as possible.
12. Eh voila, the bunting parade is on!


Happy sewing!

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