April 20, 2015

Currently Behind The Hedges // April

Despite the blossoming spring our garden still lies in its naked browness as we left it last month. The build of our dream greenhouse has taken up all our time and energy. We are not fussed though. We take it one seed at a time this year and enjoy whatever decides to grow. At the moment we have a few seedlings in the house started off to go into the green house when ready as well as our garlic and some tulips and ranuculus, which make me smile everytime I step into the garden. I cannot wait to bring the bunches inside to spring up the house.

Here is our allotment ABC for April:

Admiring our spring blooms in the form of tulips and ranculus.
Building still our greenhouse.
Digging compost into the ground for outdoor sewings.
Nursing our indoor seedlings until they are ready to go outside.
Planting straight into the ground now.
Transferring some of the seedlings from the windowsill into a cold frame outdoors.
Watering the blossoming flowers, returning strawberries and lasting herbs.

What are you up to these days?

Happy gardening

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