April 15, 2015

Green Cleaning: Vinegar-Water-Mix

The Happy Spring Clean (as well as spring itself I might say) is in full bloom over here. This means for the month of April our house gets cleaner and cleaner by the day. One of my resolutions for this month is to create and curate cleaning supply baskets and I thought I’d take the opportunity to share my favourite cleaner for the bathroom.

I wouldn’t say I am ueber eco-conscious, but I am happy to “go green” wherever possible (and reasonable). A few years back I came across this blog post on cleaning with vinegar. At the time the Englishman and I had just moved into our first house together and I somewhat struggled to find good cleaning products.

It was new country (I moved from Germany to England), new products and I was a little overwhelmed. Not that I had a range of favourite products back in Germany (as I didn’t spent enough thought on them), but I knew what to buy for what reason and they worked. I started testing a few products and generally found that they smelled too chemical for my liking and really didn’t work that well. So I decided to give the vinegar-water-mix a go.

I have now been cleaning our bathroom with this mixture for over 2 years and I am really happy with it. It is my go-to cleaner for the bathroom and works wonderful on all the grime around our tabs, toilette, glass panels and mirrors. It is in fact the only cleaner that makes it easy to rub of that lime residue you often have left on the shower panel.

The view on cleaning with vinegar is mixed on the internet, I know. I wouldn’t (in fact I couldn’t as I haven’t tested it myself) recommend vinegar as an all-purpose-cleaner. However, I think it makes a great disinfector and cleaner for the bathroom, getting rid of the scale and mold that appears in the wet areas and around the toilet. And it’s cheap too! You can pick up a bottle of white vinegar for as little as 70p. What’s not to like, ey? Well, the smell maybe. The Englishman really doesn’t like the smell of vinegar. But I just make sure that I air the bathroom while cleaning and maybe light a nicer smelling candle afterwards. Green clean for the win!



Spray Bottle like this
1 part white vinegar
1 part filtered water


Happy Spring Clean continued...

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