April 27, 2015

Happy Spring Clean – Review on The Month Of Cleaning

The cleaning is done! I love a good scrub sometimes, but after a whole month working through the chores I was ready for the Happy Spring Clean to move on. There is one more thing to do before I toss the cloth: Check how I did on my resolutions.

Develop a weekly cleaning schedule: It took nearly the whole month until I finally had a schedule in place that feels like it could turn chores into habits. I started by listing all the things that would have to be done on a weekly (or even daily) basis and matched them against time pockets in my diary. Our house is not very big and since we don’t have children yet, our list of things to clean is fairly reasonable. Some things were easily scheduled and got done every time, like the evening sweep of the kitchen floor. Others, I shifted through the days of the week, from morning to night and never seemed to find the time, to actually do them. But eventually I found a slot for all of them. Here is an overview of my new weekly cleaning schedule:

In the morning // Make beds, wipe bathroom counters, clean clothes away.
In the evening // Wipe kitchen counters, sweep kitchen floor, make lunch for next day.
In the afternoon // Monday // Water plants, clean windowsills.
                                Tuesday // Dust shelves, wipe sofa.
                                Wednesday // Vacuum clean house.
                                Thursday // Clean bathroom.
                                Friday // Laundry.

Clean the forgotten spaces: To-do list are my passion, but this one seemed to get longer by the days. Initially I thought I could just work my way down it during the weeks, but eventually I retrieved to giving it a couple of Saturdays to just plow through and even employed the Englishman’s help. Now that it’s all ticked off, I feel so much better though.

Create and curate cleaning supplies baskets: This was the most fun of all my resolutions. I already shared my vinegar-water bathroom cleaner and it spurred me on to really think about what cleaning supplies are needed and research whether there is a green alternative. We now have a cleaning basket for the bathroom, one for the kitchen and one for cleaning furniture and windows throughout the house. Vinegar and candles are my new cleaning friends.

That’s it for April. Now onto May and this is what I am up to next:

May – The month of de-cluttering

Go shelf by shelf: A resolution by Gretchen Rubin and a great reminder to tackle the clutter bit by bit to avoid paralysation.
Donate, toss, and repair: My vow to decide on the future of each item and act upon my decision by donating the unwanted, getting rid of the un-useful and repair the broken.
Give everything a place: The amount of stuff that just lies around somewhere is immense in our household; to keep the clutter at bay I want every item to have its own place.

I am so excited for this one. What are you up to in May?
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Spring (or Autumn if you live down under)!

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