May 27, 2015

Currently Behind the Hedges | May 2015

Anticipating lots and lots of apples and strawberries.
Building the framework of our greenhouse.
Cutting ranuculus for indoors.
Digging up all the weeds.
Elevating the carrot beds.
Finding still potatoes from last year.
Gathering wood and beams and for the greenhouse.
Hunting down the first slugs.
Inspecting the radish and strawberries daily for slug attacks.
Lighting up the bonfire of weeds and hedgecuttings.
Mulching the strawberries.
Nurturing the first shy salad leaves.
Organising the remaining seeds.
Protecting the peas with glass panels.
Researching how to cut flowers.
Supporting the young apple tree and its rich baerings of fruit.
Trying to tame the raspberry bushes.
Uncovering the gooseberries from under the weeds.
Visualizing where to put the chicken next summer.
Watering more regularly now.

What are you up to these days?

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