June 01, 2015

6 Days In New York: The Packlist

As a keen explorer I find packing for a trip almost as exciting as actually going for it. Contemplating on what to wear and how to maximize the outfit options with a limited wardrobe not only fuels my pre-travel excitement, but often turns out to be a fun challenge on minimalism and efficiency. I am just not one for lugging a lot of stuff around and like to keep it light. Yet, there has been many times where my suitcase basically stayed untouched. Safe to say, a good travel capsule is easier dreamed up than achieved.

Which is why I roam Pinterest now long before the suitcases need dusting off, pinning together my packing list. Since I have found myself mildly obsessed over other peoples suitcase fillings, I thought it might be fun and hopefully equally helpful to others to share my packing list for our week in NY, which on some wonderful miracle turned out to be just right. The black, white and grey might seem a bit minimalistic to some, but this wardrobe was really versatile and fun to wear. So if you are into your neutrals and ever find yourself travelling to New York in spring time, here is what I recommend to pack:

Two day dresses: One black, one patterned. (Preferable two that could be dressed up for the evening)
One pair of jeans: denim.
One pair of linen trousers: black. (Perfectly comfortable for the flight)
One jumper: wooly, grey. (Again, really comfortable for the flight)
One t-shirt: white.
One blouse: patterned.
Two cardigans: black and grey.
Two pair of boots/shoes.
One pair of ballerinas (or heels).

Also: a light jacket and a scarf.

Happy exploring! Nx

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