August 08, 2015


A weekly column featuring random wisdom gems, fun facts and school lessons re-discovered. Today: What's the hottest part of a chili?

The substance responsible for a chilies heat is a chemical called capsaicin. When capsaicin gets in contact with skin, either eaten or just touched, it leaves a burning sensation. The "heat" of a chili is measured in Scoville Heat Units (SHU), named after their inventor Wilbur Scoville. SHU measure how much sugar water is needed to dilute the chili extract before the heat becomes undetectable when eaten. The highest concentration of capsaicing is in the flesh of the chili, also called placenta. It sits around the seeds making it the hottest part of a chili. Who is the hottest chili then? Currently rated as highest is the Carolina Reaper chili with an averate rating of 1.6 Million SHU. Pretty hot!

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