August 22, 2015


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Today: Does Whiskey mature faster in hot weather?

Surinder Kumar says: Yes! And he should know, because he is master blender at the Amrut Distillery in India. His fine single malt may be the only single malt from India, but it’s Jim Murray-approved (who should know, because he is the world’s first full-time whiskey writer). Traditionally whiskeys in India are produced from fermented molasses instead of malt, but Amrut’s peated Indian whiskey is just like the whiskey they serve us in Scotland; distilled from the malt mash of one type of barley. It’s probably the hot, dry air in India that makes the drink mature three times faster than in Scotland.
You see, during the ageing process in the oak barrels some of the liquid is known to evaporate. They call it angel’s share as the loss makes the rest of the liquid taste much smoother. In Scotland it’s around 2% per year. In India however it is around 11-12%. Rounder taste much faster.

Other things I discovered this week:
There is no egg in egg cream!
Throw your apples on the bbq for a taste of Christmas in summer. (Oops, forgive the C-word).
For when the leaves are falling.

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