August 14, 2015

In The Allotment | August

By August our allotment tends to have turned itself from a muddy hole that it was in the early spring to a thick green jungle. This year especially as July turned out rather busy elsewhere and the weeds got the better of us. However I am not bothered as I was surprised by a bountiful of poppies, which look rather pretty, waving their big bright red heads in the summer breeze. The beautiful surrounding makes all the hard work that is ahead of us, much more enjoyable.

Despite our neglect over the last weeks there is plentiful to harvest for us this August. The lettuce is on its second round now, which means we can enjoy young leaves as well as mature ones. The peas are finally ready and so is the long awaited garlic. From the fruit corner we still harvest a few summer raspberries and enjoy the first berries from our young gooseberry bushes.

While most of the crop is slowing down now, there are still some plants that we need to tend to, first and foremost our pumpkins of which we are having three plants this year. Last year we only had one, but were surprised with 7 (!) big pumpkins. We also still look after the autumn raspberries and the apples which should be ready next month.

Sow and Plant
Summer might be over soon, but there is still time for one last crop of lettuce, radish and spinach, as well as some parsley.

To get a head start before the cooler months are rolling in we are starting to prune the summer raspberries, cutting down the stalks that bore fruit to make space for the new ones and trimming the hawthorn hedge that surrounds our allotment.

To have some chive for the winter months, we are lifting the plant now to split the roots. Some go back in the ground and some will be potted on. With the foliage chopped back, we will let it grow in a cool space (probably our out-house). When the weather turns we’ll plan to bring it onto the windowsill.

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