August 21, 2015

Nature In The Home | Mini Roses

Just around the corner of our house. Following the church tower towards the park. Only a few steps and then a right turn. There lies the most magical English street. It is lined with beautiful Edwardian terraced houses. The kind of houses that have generous bay windows, wonky front steps, elegant brass knobs and coloured front doors (I choose a new favourite every time I walk past.) It's a fairytail-kinda street, the one that makes you stop and smell the roses. Literally! Then aside from all the nice brick and big windows, the small front gardens are full of the proud bloom. There are big, dark bushes; tall, bright climbers and archways full of flowers that fill my evening wanders with heavy scents and colourful sights. The rose gardens are what makes this street. I dream of a future life, where I, aged and wise, spent my days with garden gloves and scissors tending to my many roses.

There is so much love and care in the look of a well maintained rose bush. It makes me weep. Unfortunately for me (and our neighbours), our little house lacks somewhat the front garden to grow roses of our own. However, there is always space on our windowsill, which is why I decided to fill them this August with an array of mini rose bushes.

I picked them up from our local grocer and for the last few weeks of summer, their glowing red blooms have been brightening up my days (and hopefully every ones who walked past). They are thirsty little fellas, but thanks to regular watering and feeding (I use a tsp of general plant feeder in my small watering can), they have been busy producing lots of little flowers. The wilted ones I keep deadheading with a pair of sharp scissors.

Come autumn I plan on re-potted them, as there are currently up to three cuttings in each pot. Then they will be separated, before I place them in our cooler outhouse to over-winter and maybe (hopefully) next spring our front garden has magically extended itself (or more likely we have moved) and I can plant them out. For now however, they are the pride of my windowsills.

What's brightening up your house this August?

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