August 10, 2015

Styling the Season | August

August, summers peak, the month of ice cream, thunderstorms and outdoor adventures. As a child, living in Berlin, it was the time when all the summer fruits in my mum’s garden had gone and the autumn berries were not quite ready yet. It was the time for picking wild flowers and fern, lounging in the grass and dreaming of far away adventures. It was the time for jumping in the car and escaping the heat to the nearest lake or packing our suitcases and travelling to the sea. It was the time for visiting places with palm trees and lizards and the sound of the ocean. It was the time for midday siestas in the house or hotelroom, reading books and soaking in the traquility of a hot day with nothing to do. August in those days was four weeks of blissful carefreeness.

This year, for one week, I will dive back into those days. Visiting my parent’s house in Berlin I will splash my feet in the pool, paddle on the lakes and lounge in the grass. I'll spent my pocket money on ice creams and hide from the heat inside. Reading books on the couch, dreaming of adventures in faraway lands, where the palm trees grow high and the ocean waves sing songs.

In celebration of my upcoming holidays and this summers season, I decided to turn my sofa in the study into my afternoon hiding place. I gathered all the plam trees and cactis I could find in the house, turning the windowsill into a little tropical indoor garden and treated the sofa cushion to a new cover with lots and lots of palm trees (PS: That was actually one of the Englishman's T-shirts, but pssst!). All I needed then was some ice cold water for a drink and a good book. The one in the picture is a special one to me, it used to be one of my favourites when I was 12-13 years old. It is a collection of stories about girls travelling. I remember getting it as a present for my birthday in July and spending the whole summer with my nose stuck in it, dreaming of bus travels through Canada and cruises along the South American coast. It certainly sparked the travel bug that let me to South Africa, Australia and America and later encouraged me to move to England. This year it is guiding me home again.

Where are your travel dreams taking you this August?


Styling the Season is a monthly styling challenge created by the wonderful Charlotte from Lotts and Lots and Katy from Apartment Apothecary. They started the series in September 2014 and invited everyone to join in and style a surface of their home to reflect what the month means and looks to them. Pictures can be shared through instragam, twitter, facebook or blogs through the hashtag #StylingTheSeason. Following these inspiring ladies for a few months and indulging in the wonderful picture world of the hashtag on instagram, made me want to join the fun. This is my first month and I am excited to bring the seasons more and more into our little home through plants, flowers and collectives. Are you joining, too? If you are a fellow styler, please say hello!

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