August 03, 2015

Top Three Houseplants | for north-facing windowsills

I love houseplants. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the beauty of plants indoors. I have a plan to add as many plants to our house as possible. The motto is: the more the merrier, with the best case scenario being an indoor forest. However, you can't live on love alone or at least that's true for my leafy companions. Some need it warm, others not so warm, most want it sunny a few are ok with shade, for most it should be dry, but then there is the odd one that likes it humid ecetera, ecetera. Which is why I have a hard time filling every nook and cranie with greenery as the greenery often doesn't like it where I place it.

The worst place out of all of them currently is our huge open plan living-dining room. With it's north facing windows, it's not very light at all and rather chilly all year round. As sun light is a must - the only place for plants are the two long windowsills. Here however they battle with the heat of the radiator underneath and rare ventilation. Anything, but ideal.

However, after nearly three years in this house and many dead plants I finally found some green fellas that like it there, or at least endure the conditions with grace. Here are my top three houseplants for north facing windowsills:

1. Furry Feather or Calathea Rufibarba: The calathea likes it shady and humid. The north facing window is therefore ideal and so is the radiator. It keeps the calathea cozy when the outside temperatures are too low, like below 15°. Now all it needs are regular misting to keep the plant happy enough, but if humidity is an issue the calathea can always be placed in a terrarium.

2. Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum: The Peace Lily is another lover of shade, the darker the better. Apparently it would even survive under fluorescent light! It likes it warm, too. Therefore another fan of the north facing windowsill above a radiator.

3. Spider plant or Chlorophytum comosum: The spider plant is probably the most tolerant plant of them all. It likes it a bit cooler than the Peace Lily or the Furry Feather, so if the radiator is on full blast it might like to hang in the window rather than sit on the sill. Other than that it is another plant that is perfectly happy with the indirect light of the north-facing window.

All three plants like well-drained soil and do better with under watering than over watering. Just check once a week if the soil is still moist and water if it isn't.

What are your favourite houseplants for the north-facing windows?

Happy indoor gardening,

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