September 07, 2015

A Holiday Photoalbum

Sitting here, my knitted blanket wrapped tight around me, hot tea steaming next to me and snotty tissues all over the place, I somehow wish nothing more than summer to come back. It was only last week that I was totally done with summer and welcoming autumn with open arms. Now, though; now I'm flipping through the pages of our new Thailand album, starting to long for that feeling of the warm wind on my face and the burning sensation of the hot sand when I tip toe, snorkels in hand, towards the water.

As September marks the one year anniversary of our trip to Southeast Asia I decided last week to indulge myself in the seemingly endless task of sorting through our holiday pictures. I have been an avid fan (though never active myself) of the scrapbooking community for years, always in awe at their devotion and skill to create memorabilia from all the pictures that in other families stay stuck on the computer. Personally, I have photos collecting virtual dust dating back ten years.

About time I thought to get some printed and into an album for the Englishman and I to look at and remember our adventures and make our heart yearn for faraway lands.

Admittedly getting the pictures ready and printed and sorted and stuck into an album was as tedious and time consuming as (probably) everyone always fears. However, the process was also extremely entertaining (the pictures you forget about are the best) and a week-long source of happy memories, while struggling with a cold and the return of the normal work day. Looking at all these pictures made me laugh and cry and strangely satisfied (almost like a mini holiday).

Despite my admiration for scrapbooking I kept it much simpler. I purchased a simple self-adhesive photo book with 25 pages and printed my photos at a local print shop. I love the “old fashioned” look of those photo albums with the pages instead of plastic pockets and as I wasn’t too bothered about much journaling or embellishing it was the most convenient choice it terms of prize and flexibility. Since the standard photo size would have allowed for only 100 pictures to go into the album, I did decide to vary that a bit. I resized all my pictures to one of four different sizes that I had measured out beforehand and then created new photo files with Photoshop based on the biggest standard size available from the printer. That way I could still print through them, but would get much more variety in picture sizes. Once I had all pictures printed I simply cut them up and then I just had to fold back the plastic cover of the pages, arrange the pictures and fold it over again. I admit it was a lot of back and forth deciding which pictures should go on what page and in what size, but sitting here now, amidst the returned stress of work and school, cold head and blocked nose, with the album in my hands, dreaming of Thailand, it was so worth it. Even more, the process of working through all these photos has lost it's scary outlook and the next photo album is already in it's planning stage.

While I stare a bit longer at pictures of palm trees and beaches, do tell me; How do you bring your holiday adventures back to life?

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