September 02, 2015

Back to School

I once read, some people are good at starting things, others are good at finishing. I am definitely Camp “New Beginnings”. It’s the anticipation that fuels me. Fresh starts make everything seem possible again. They are still as shiny and clean as new tools, that have yet to be scared by the failure and setbacks that extensive use and experience unfailingly bring.

There is nothing wrong with showing signs of use, not for you and not for your tools. However, that moment when your mind is full of ideas and your heart full of willingness, when nothing has yet deterred you from your believes; that moment you can only get with new beginnings.

Which is why I am so much in love with the season of change; much like New Year, they bring the promise of great things. Every vow is still unbroken, every goal still as much within reach as our hopes. It’s an exciting season and tomorrow it begins all over again. The summer holidays have come to an end, autumn knocks on the door and it’s time to go back to school again.

I know full well that soon the enthusiasm will wear off. My biology teacher once told me, learning is like rowing against the current, and so is teaching. While you’re in it, it is difficult to see the finishing line. You do stroke after stroke and can only hope that amongst all the drift backs and turnovers you will have made your way up water.

Right now, however, with my new pencil case filled, my notebooks blank and my pens sharpened, I can see clearly ahead of the river and I am excited about what’s waiting for me.

So here is to sharpened pencils, un-shattered believes and new beginnings. Have a lovely start into the new season wherever you are and whatever it may bring.

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