September 09, 2015

Friends with dogs

Do you remember the days when life wasn’t busy? When you had time to walk places and read books and sip your coffee long past it was hot? After the end of the holidays (and basically summer, although I keep wishing that wasn’t so) life is certainly picking up again and my to-do-list is growing by the hours. I can also feel the pressure coming back. The nagging tasks and unrealistic expectations that make the days rush by, leaving me feel unaccomplished and useless.

I am trying to pace myself (“Patience you must have, my young padawan”) as last year felt like I was drowning in mental clutter. I had piled up this huge list of undone-tasks and as I struggled to let go, they began to tumble into my free days too. Every time something came up during the week that I hadn’t planned for, I was thinking, let’s just do that on Saturday. As if Saturdays have endless hours.

It took me almost all summer to knock down this list and get my sanity back. So this year I am trying to go slow(er). To be more patient (with myself) and keep realistic expectations and if things start creeping into my Saturdays again I am thinking of visiting our friends and their beautiful dog George. Because when you have a dog I noticed it’s perfectly fine to spend a whole Saturday strolling along the beach. Friends with dogs are a time slowing machine. All of a sudden the only thing that matters is having a good breakfast, before getting into the walking boots, because after that the only to-do we have is walking the dog.

Maybe I skim a few pebbles along the way, but that’s about it. The running and carrying (sticks) and hustling and bustling I can leave to the dog. On those Saturdays I feel accomplished when I had breakfast, drove to the beach and walked for an hour or two, stopped for a beer and then went home for tea and cake and dinner. Those are the best Saturdays.

So this goes out to all my friends with dogs. The Englishman and I love you, come and visit again soon!

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