September 23, 2015

Letter to Autumn

Dear Autumn,

Welcome back, old friend! You are looking rather fabulous these days with your blue skies and deep sunny glow, I must say. If I didn't know better, I would have thought you are hanging back a bit to let summer have its last shine. However, your chilly breeze and dark morning hours gave you away, I am afraid.

I must admit I have missed you deeply. I believe our inherit need for change (as we humans keep growing and changing all the time) makes us so very fond of you, as change is what you are all about.

Although I didn’t realise until your arrival, how much I really enjoy you being around and all the wonderful things we experience together. Just today I noticed how comforting the dry, warm air of the heater feels and how smokey the candles smell, the hot flame tingling my nose, when I am about to blow them out. Which is why I am very much looking forward to our brief time together (Christmas is looming already), despite your crazy weather moods. My knitting needles are ready to go, my tea cupboard is stocked, the blankets are ready to get snugly under and my book pile is about to tumble over.

Outdoors our little apple tree is bursting with fruit and the pumpkins are swelling up ready for carving season. I am also planning some candle pouring, wreath making and house tidying and my dusty wellies could probably to with some puddle splashing (but please, don’t be too generous with the rain). You see, lots to do and much to enjoy over the next few weeks.

Good to have you back,

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  1. I love Autumn, with all its beautiful colours. Today whilst driving back from Leicester on the M1 I caught my first glimpse of the reds, and golds beginning to appear in the trees. Beautiful!
    Of course it helps when the day is sunny...Niki