September 11, 2015

Nature in the Home | September

If busy school buses, the early morning breeze and the first fallen leaves aren't indicator enough, it only needs one look into our allotment to realise autumn is on its way.

The jungle of greens has been replaced by muddy plots that look like farmers fields after the harvest. Broken earth, covered in the stubby remainders of once strong plants. Even the wildflower patch is nothing more than an assembly of wilting weeds now. Much of this was my doing, I have to admit. The other weekend I had enough of the fruitless jungle and spent a solid afternoon ripping out weeds, grasses and flowers. (You have to try it yourself to understand how deeply satisfying this is.)

There was however one plant that I rather carefully cut than ripped: the poppies. Despite the lack of pedals the capsules with their distinctiv rays look much to pretty to go on the waste pile. Which is why I brought them inside instead to dry.

I also cut some dill, which miraciously appeared in our former carrot patch. Sneeky like a weed it went unnoticed for months among the high mustard leaves until its beautiful wheel of bright yellow buds was suddenly peeking above all else.

Now poopies and dill make for a perfect little bouquet (and a frehly fragrant one) to brighten up our entrance corner. A sweet green reminder next to our keys of the in between season of September. Not summer anymore, but not quite autumn yet.


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