November 25, 2015

Rolled Beewax Candles

With the first batch of Christmas cookies out of the oven, I realised it’s really time to start thinking about holiday decorations. Judging by my Instagram feed I am already behind: Bare mantle, no tree, no wreath, not even mistletoe is hanging about. To add fuel to the (unlit) fire my mum’s annual parcel chock full with German treats and festive craft projects arrived yesterday.

Time, therefore, to get the festive tunes on and start on the holiday decorations. First up, as always, was our “Adventskranz”. The German take on a holiday wreath, spruced up with four candles that get lit – one after the other – every Sunday – in the run-up to Christmas Eve.

This year I thought I keep the actual decoration simple (eucalyptus and fir), but make my own candles from beewax. Staying clear of melted messes in my tiny kitchen I used beewax sheets like these, leaving me with a wonderfully quick and meditative craft project. If you have got a minute or two spare this season, I highly recommend you get rollin'.

Rolled Beewax Candles

Beewax sheets
wick (size depending on the diameter of the candle)

Lay the wick across one edge of the beewax sheet and press lightly to fixate. Roll the beewax up tightly to secure the wick inside. Continue rolling up until the desired thickness. In terms of the wick I opted for a small size for the long thin candles and medium size for the wreath candles.
Place candle in suitable holder, light and marvel over the subtle smell of warm honey.


How many candles can you roll in 60 seconds? 
And if you don't diy, what's your favourite candle to buy?

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