November 30, 2015

Simple Adventskranz with Juniper and Eucalyptus

Cookies in the jars, candles made, advent calendar in the making – apart from a little road trip to nearby York I have slaved like an elf in the decoration department. Just in time for the first candle to be lit on the christmas wreath our little house went from bare walls to (almost) decked halls. Yeah!!!

Proud center piece on the dining table is from now until the big day: our annual "Adventskranz". It is one of those easy yet very effective craft projects. As a base functions a good old wicker wreath that I've had for years now. The decoration varies from year to year, but generally speaking I like to keep it simple and local, using mostly native plants, when bedecking the base. I am not keen on overloaded kitsch and prefer my (ever)green fresh and clean. This year it only took a few twigs of eucalyptus here and some tufts of Juniper there – é voila, the Adventskranz 2015 was ready to crown the dining table. Golden highlight, of course, the beeswax candles.

While the first candle flickered away to mark the beginning of the festive season, the Englishman and I spend our Sunday snuggled up under a blanket on the couch, hot chocolate in hand, watching the first Christmas movie of the year: Miracle on 34th street.

(Psst. It’s not too late yet to make your own Adventskranz! See instructions below...)

Simple Adventskranz with eucalyptus, juniper and beeswax candles

Wreath base
branch of eucalyptus
branch of juniper
4 beeswax candles (or others, last year I had vanilla scented candles. They smelled yummy!)
candle bases (this year I went without, but generally I would recommend them!)

Place candle base and candles in equidistance to each other on the wreath. Then weave the twigs and tufts of the evergreen into the base following the natural curve of the wreath. 
I started with the juniper around the candles then continued to build the greens up until they overlapped, switching between eucalyptus and juniper as I went along.
To keep the evergreen looking fresh over the coming weeks, I spray some water on them every other day.


How did you kick of the season?
If you made an Adventskranz too, please share a link to your creation!
I would love to see what you made.

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