December 02, 2015

York Christmas Market Trail

The Englishman and I headed to York last weekend to visit their Christmas Market Trail. A seasonal necessity as every German knows there is no festive cheer without a good swig of mulled wine. We met up with friends, but really we ate our own body weight in every Christmas Market treat there was and sipped on mulled wine/hot cider all night long. Oh the revelation of hot cider. It’s a beauty of a drink that makes me want to go back and take all those autumn apples out of the pie and stuff them in a barrel to make cider. It’s basically boozy sweet-dry apple with a hint of cinnamon and a lot of yay!

I was so busy sipping cider and stuffing my face with roasted chestnuts, pork scratching and the gooiest cookie I ever laid my hands on, I completely forgot to snap more pictures of all the shenanigans.

I basically have to leave you with my word that York really knows how to put a show on this time of the year. Every nook and cranny was covered in twinkle and shiny lights. Basically the whole town turned itself into a Christmas Market Winder Wonderland. It is totally worth a visit. And don’t bother bringing your camera; you’ll be too busy eating and sipping cider. Happy Christmas season!
Chestnuts or almonds, mulled wine or hot cider?
And more importantly, which market to visit next? 

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