January 06, 2016

One Word 2016

One little word. One subtle reminder. One motivator. One thought to reflect on.
Last year my word was GO. This year I hope to ACHIEVE.

Choosing a word rather than a tangible goal to focus on throughout the year has been a serious game-changer for me. In 2014, in between the years I was travelling from and to Germany and I listened to Elise Blaha Cripe and Ali Edwards on Elise Gets Crafty about starting the year with intent by choosing a word for yourself.

I instantly thought of GO! The New Year was approaching fast and while reflecting on what I wanted from next year I couldn’t help but worry about my increasing procrastination habits. I needed less of the half-hearted resolutions and more of a serious bud-kicker. As soon as I got home I printed GO! In big bold letters on a sheet of paper and stuck it on my wall to remind me every single day, that if I wanted to be places I have to GO there.

2015 saw me going many places. I visited New York, Berlin, Edinburgh, York, London, Manchester and Newcastle. It also saw me going to buy that sewing machine that I always wanted and it saw me building that greenhouse that we dreamed of; it saw me going to the swimming pool more often and out with my camera for hours on end. I got very far last year with GO!, but this year I want to ACHIEVE a little bit more.

Just like GO, ACHIEVE came easy to me. I realised that while I had certainly gone to many places, I still didn’t feel the sense of accomplishment that I had hoped for. Going places and doing things was helpful, but it didn’t encourage me to reach further, to see things through, to reach.
I decided I needed to dive deeper and to be more literal. ACHIEVE is my little word, my cheerleader, for this year. I hope for it to be the not-so-subtle-reminder that all the focus, going and doing is really meant to do this: ACHIEVE. It also serves as a reflection point. When will I have achieved? What will I have to achieve to feel accomplishment? How can I foster that feeling in my life for now and for the future?

In taking it very literal this year, I am also being more intentional about my goals. However, I hope not to limit myself to the reachable, but to stretch myself to ACHIEVE.

What are your goals and dreams of this year? 
Do you have a word or a phrase that guides you?

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