January 11, 2016

The Great-Things-To-Come-Calendar

Oh the pleasant anticipation of great things to come… As far as the Germans are concerned it’s one of the greatest pleasures of all or as we say it “Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude”.

It’s true though; great plans tend to brighten up our days and thoughts long before they begin to unfold, like the annual holidays or Christmas. Last year I decided to harness this power of happy thoughts and created a Great-Things-To-Come-Calendar for us. A wall covering calendar of the year filled only with the things I really looked forward to: date nights, Take That concert, trip to New York, visit to Berlin, meet-up with friends. The earlier planned the better/greater the anticipation and I made an unspoken vow to have at least one adventure scheduled for each quarter of the year.

Looking back at last year, there were definitely days that have been rescued from gloomy thoughts by a quick glance at the calendar. So much so, that I didn’t hesitate to repeat the magic this year.

The calendar to be honest is nothing fancy. I simply created it in Word, printed it and stuck it on the wall behind my desk (as we are renters I used the magical powers of Fixogum, holds it tight and leaves no trace!) If you would like to make your own, you can get the pdf here. You don’t really need a spare wall (although having the year at a glance is great), you could just clip them together on a cute board or pin each month on your inspiration board. Whatever takes your fancy, just be sure to have plenty of things scheduled in that you cannot wait to happen!

So far I have got a trip to the Harry Potter Warner Bro. Studio Tour planned as well as a week-end break in Cologne and some meet-up with friends in the north.

2016 is going to be good.

What great things are coming your way this year? Any fancy holidays planned, anyone?

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